Did you know there is no reason Absentee Voting ?  You can now vote in every election by absentee ballot.  You must apply in writing for each election you request to vote absentee.

If applying for absentee ballot in person at the Clerk’s office, photo identification is required.  If voter has no photo identification, voter will sign an affidavit of voter without photo identification prior to a ballot being issued.

How to request an Absentee Ballot:  All voters have the option of voting by absentee ballot.  An application must be filed for all elections when voting by absentee ballot.  The process is the same as voting in the precinct, the voter must fill out application before receiving a ballot.  You may email, or phone (517) 646-0772, the township clerk to request an absentee ballot application. Once the application has been received you can mail or  drop off the application to the Windsor Township Clerk’s Office at 405 W. Jefferson St, Dimondale, MI  48821 or click on link below to complete an application online.  If a voter will be out of town, the ballot can be mailed to an alternate address, which should be indicated on their application when applying for a ballot.  This option is great for college students or those voters out of state for months at a time.  Ballots cannot be forwarded, so it’s important that we have the correct “mailing address” to mail the ballot.

Sign up to Vote from Home:  When on this list, you will automatically receive an absent voter application from your Local Clerk for every election.  If you choose to return that application, you will be sent a ballot as soon as the clerk receives it.     An APPLICATION for an absentee ballot must be completed for every election, required by Michigan Election law, in order to have a ballot mailed to a voter.  If you would like to be placed on Vote from Home List, please print and complete the Permanent Absent Voter List Request form linked below, and mail to:  Windsor Township Clerk’s Office, 405 W. Jefferson St., Dimondale, MI  48821.  Voters are not automatically put on the Permanent Absent Voter List when requesting absentee ballot for an election.  Voters who would like to be placed on the permanent absent voter list MUST fill out form requesting to be added to the permanent absent voter list.  Voters on list should also keep in mind that any change made with voter registration will require a new form be completed.  The permanent absent voter list is based on address, not voter name, therefore any change made will remove the permanent absent voter status and voter must re-apply.